Monday, August 17, 2009

The waiting game

Well my due date has come and gone and no contractions yet. Today I'm going to see the midwife and hoping to speed things up a bit. I don't really want to be pregnant for 2 more weeks and I'm anxious to meet this little monster that has been digging into my hip bones this morning! So in preparation for the possibility that I may be going into the labor within the next 48 hours I've been trying to pick up/clean the house. But it's making me tired :P so I'm incorporating some resting bits (also because I maybe going into labor soon).

Oddly enough I don't have any knitting projects (that aren't in hibernation) to distract me and give me some down time. I've finished a few things in the last week including the extra cute orange elijah (with a rattle in his belly).
ringo and elijah
I also knit up a bunch of cute baby clothes out of some handspun that I made from a swap fiber I received last year sometime. It's all very sweet pinks for a baby girl. It's intended for someone that I know is having a girl, but if I end up with a baby girl I'm just going to have to keep it as I have no other pink to wrap it in! That's okay right?


Simone said...

So cute... one could almost wish for a girl. But i think even a little boy could wear those. They are not THAT pink. Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

no further posts.....??
maybe that means you are busy doing something very important ???
Please let us know how you are( when you can )

Kirsten said...

YIPPEEE - Its a girl!!! :)