Saturday, August 05, 2006

black shroud

I just went to you knit what, only to discover that they won't be continuing their blog anymore. Oh sadness, I will miss the hideous pictures and witty comments.

On a lighter note, I am off to memphis for a week, can't wait to see Elvis!!!
(check out this great pic I found of Elvis, nice knit sweater!)


sweater girl said...

Only the young Elvis could pull off that hair and sweater! I'll have to show my mom. She loves those lips. HeHeHe

StitchKommander said...

have a good trip!

Noo said...

Did you see there's You Knit What Part 2 ( It's not quite the same, but good for a dose of the fugly.

Anonymous said...

That is my fave picture of Elvis evah!

I found your blog when looking for pictures of Spherey.