Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh, Fizzle Sticks!

Last night, while watching the Constant Gardner (again), I sewed up the seams for my Sizzle. Unfortunately it turned out as I suspected - TOO BIG!!! My last shirt (the green gable) gave me loads of trouble because size 34 was way too small, this size 34 is way too big- and both gauges are spot on. Other than the size, it looks great. I think I will finish this shirt up, it is almost done after all, and if I can't figure out some way to shrink it, I will have to give it away.

I spent most of the weekend recovering from the conference/memphis experience and ended up sleeping waaaay more than I ever thought I could. I also got in a game of tennis over the weekend (it had been too long).

Memphis was great, the conference went really well, as did my poster presentation. However, there was not a single Elvis sighting. And we never made it to Graceland, but every evening was spent on or near Beale St. We found a bar with a good draft beer selection - The Flying Saucer Drought Emporium. But if you get a hankering for a delicious gin and tonic, go elsewhere (Seagrams was all they had). The last conference I attended was also in Memphis so we revisited some sites, like the Juke Joint Blues House- featuring some Memphis style blues. Late nights and early mornings were the norm, but at least ecologists have a high standard for morning coffee, making the early mornings easier.


StitchKommander said...

I must say, I still love the color!

hollyboc said...

Mine turned out too big too. What a disappointment.