Friday, August 25, 2006

mmmm Cheesecake

I finally used my springform pan, a gift from sweatergirl, to make my very first cheesecake. It turned out deliciously! And there is another one in the works for the weekend. This week I am having my final summer visitor, my little sister (only because school has started here which marks the end of summer :( Post summer visitors are always welcome!

We have been hanging out, last night we went to spintoono
and drank some PBR. This weekend my neighbor is hosting a party in my sister's honor, where keg stands of PBR will be had. Today we are going to head to the hills and maybe go for a dip in one of the local swimming holes.

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lil silly bitch said...

The cheesecake was probably the best ever made! Mom really liked how we brought the crumbs up the sides. Clemson was probably the highlight of my summer. I had a crush on every boy and truck I saw and we giggled like silly bitches the whole time. I loved it and want to come back today! OH sisters lets go down, down in Clemson to play, Good Lord show me the way!