Friday, September 08, 2006

Harvest color motif

Since sizzle took the wind right out of my sails, my knitting productivity has fallen. I haven't even worked on any socks and with all of the beautiful sock yarn I have...what am I thinking? On the other hand, I have managed to finish a few small felted items. The latest being a felted daffodil (I have another, but it is unfelted at the moment). I think it is so cute, but I still need to sew the petals together and put wire in the stem.

I am just curious, was this a bad week for anyone else? I can't figure out if there is something in the air or if it is just me (or my karma), but my week has not been very fun.I guess it could be the whole school being back in session and needing to readjust from the relaxed summer campus. Any way you slice it, I have decided that today is not going to fall in line with the rest of the week and that I am going to enjoy my Friday, and be productive. That's a pretty tall order, but with a scheduled coffee break and a lunch excursion, I think I can manage to get some work done and have a little fun.

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StitchKommander said...

love the daffodil- hope this week is better!