Friday, September 29, 2006

Instead of knitting...

I have been playing with my new computer. It arrived on monday. A shiny white macbook with all the fun stuff standard on a mac. So instead of knitting this week I have been playing games, uploading photos and music, playing with the built in camera (this image comes courtesy of it), relearning how to use a mac, and trying to find a driver so that I might print (I think I might be SOL there).

Next week I am headed to Sconnie and according to the today show, there should be peak fall colors while I am there. I am very much looking forward to that, I think fall colors usually come in early november around here.

I also learned that Tracey Ullman has a new knitting book out while watching the today show this morning. I didn't really pay attention to the interview because I was too busy playing connect four on my computer, but I did hear Ann Curry say, "I hear knitting is the new yoga" and Merideth was also talking about how she was a knitter because she started knitting 2 years ago, but never finished anything. Can she really consider herself a knitter then? Now I don't watch that show regularly, but the snippets I have caught have led me to believe that the show has really taken a dive since they hired Merideth to replace Katie.

Friday, September 22, 2006

socks for supper

I have been working on a few projects during the evening hours. This is a poop brown sock that I am making for my brother. I decided it would be nice to get started on some xmas presents now and who wouldn't like a hand-knit pair of poop brown socks I ask you? The yarn is from knit picks, I don'’t remember the details, but it is washable (this is essential if it is for my brother, otherwise they would become felted). And the pattern is from interweave knitting mag, I believe it is one of those special patterns you get off their website if you subscribe to the mag.

I am working on limiting/reducing the size of my stash. It isn'’t that huge or anything, but it wouldn'’t all fit in one suitcase, unless it was a very large one. And at sometime in my not so distant future, there is a move in store. The destination has not yet been determined, but my lease does end in December and I do not plan on extending it. The conclusion is: I must start knitting and with the yarn that is already in my house!

(Does anyone remember the socks for supper book?)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Harvest color motif

Since sizzle took the wind right out of my sails, my knitting productivity has fallen. I haven't even worked on any socks and with all of the beautiful sock yarn I have...what am I thinking? On the other hand, I have managed to finish a few small felted items. The latest being a felted daffodil (I have another, but it is unfelted at the moment). I think it is so cute, but I still need to sew the petals together and put wire in the stem.

I am just curious, was this a bad week for anyone else? I can't figure out if there is something in the air or if it is just me (or my karma), but my week has not been very fun.I guess it could be the whole school being back in session and needing to readjust from the relaxed summer campus. Any way you slice it, I have decided that today is not going to fall in line with the rest of the week and that I am going to enjoy my Friday, and be productive. That's a pretty tall order, but with a scheduled coffee break and a lunch excursion, I think I can manage to get some work done and have a little fun.