Saturday, September 15, 2007

bowl o' plenty

fruits, originally uploaded by mmm gin.

Our local produce store (The Funky Pumpkin) has been supplying us with delicious and interesting new fruits and vegetables. In this bowl there were a few new items for us: Longans (the little brown guys) they had this white opaque fruit with a cherry pit like seed under the easy to peel skin, tamarillos (the red oblongs ones) these are fun to squish up, bite the end off and suck out the inside (apparently that is how the kids 'round here eat them), pluots (the ones that look like a combo between a plum and apricot), and purple passion fruit (the purple one) yum. We have also had a few persimmons (the orange guy in the back) and enjoyed the golden kiwis common here (the skin is a little easier to eat :)

mmmmmm fruit


maepress said...

I love that photo! And I just bought some pluots yesterday (as well as apples from New Zeland!)

ily said...

:D I just took another trip to the funky pumpkin, but we didn't get anything too unusual this time. Thankfully local avocados are cheap right now. mmmmmm... what did you think of the pluots?

maepress said...

I think pluots are okay- not the best thing ever. But it is so much fun to say.

ily said...

Now that we can agree on. Plllluuuuuot.