Sunday, September 23, 2007

itch to knit

Although I have switched hemispheres and therefore reversed all the seasons, the season for the itch to knit still coincides with autumn in the northern hemisphere (which isn't very convenient if you think about it). But thanks to maepress I have found this fab pattern that I have an itch to knit. Tomorrow I am going to the lys and picking up some skeins of yarn and maybe some longer circular needles (if I can find them).

Over the weekend blue and I were working on the banks peninsula and even though it is spring here, we still needed the wood stove at the lodge. I took advantage of the ambiance and worked a few rows on a washcloth that has been on the needles for an embarrassingly long time.

This was sunrise on sunday morning, the beautiful morning sky resulted in nasty cold, rainy, foggy weather for the rest of the day (that we had to work in). Thankfully there were some beautiful moments that redeemed it!

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