Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sundays are for...

sleeping in, drinking large cups of coffee, watching the kitty traffic parade through the back yard, eating omelets and cheese scones, world cup footie reruns, and dreaming of new patterns to knit.

Last night we hauled ourselves over to the wunderbar which was a treat in itself (be sure to check out the 360 images of both inside and out on their site). We we were there to watch the band of this guy that I work with, insurgents. They opened for this band from Auckland the situations. Although turnout for the show wasn't great and the sets were short, both of us enjoyed the music and being out and about. On the downside it made me feel really old. All the kids in insurgents are 18 and they and all their friends dress like they are living in the 80s, especially the girls!!! They all had so much spunk and uncontained energy, it was impressive and entertaining. But back to the 80s dress code, why Why WHY??? Is it this bad back in the states? Did all those awful styles really make it back? I guess none of them experienced it for the first time so it is new and novel for them. All the same I pray it is short-lived (because it is making me feel old and crabby lol).

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maepress said...

Most of my little students are about that age- and there's not much in the way of 80's dress going on. But then, Kentucky is certainly not the fashion capital of anywhere.
That bar looks very cool-