Thursday, March 06, 2008

a kiwi dictionary excerpt

In preparing for family and friends to arrive for our big day, blue and I put together a few lists that will help them to ease into New Zealand culture. Below is a list of definitions we came up with:

Dairy - a convenience store
Bach - holiday home (not usually very fancy)
The ditch- the Tasman Sea
Sealed/unsealed road - paved/unpaved road
Footie - Rugby
Pavlova - special new zealand cake
Smoko - break
Togs - speedo
Tea - dual meaning: 1) literal translation, tea 2) a less formal meal (dinner)
Torch - flashlight
Fush & chups - fish and chips
Chippie - fish and chip shop
Chips - fries
Crisps - potato chips
Jandles - japanese sandles (aka flip flops)
Biscuits - cookies
Bonnet - hood of the car
Boot - car trunk
Breakie - breakfast
Entree - starter
Main - entree ;)
Jersey - jacket, sweatshirt
Swede - rutabaga
Courgette - zucchini
Aubergine - eggplant
Lollie - candy (any kind)
100s & 1000s - sprinkles
Plaster - band-aid
Chemist - pharmacist
Tomato Sauce - ketchup
Z (pronounced zed) - Z
Long Black - similar to an americano, but stronger and much smaller (can be ordered in larger sizes or with extra water)
Flat white - strong, small coffee with steamed milk (no/little froth)
Fine (referring to weather) - nice/clear
Kona coffee - drip coffee

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