Friday, March 14, 2008

Knitting for babies

It seems that everybody is procreating as of late. So all of my knitting has been for babies. The great thing about knitting for babies is you can afford (and feel compelled) to use nice yarn, baby things tend to be quick knits, and since the items are so small, they always look cute! 

This particular set was knit for a work colleague's baby girl - Sophie Kate. I hope she appreciates the little pink bows I added for that feminine touch (I even sewed them in place - mostly because I was afraid they would come undone before the presie got unwrapped).

The hat pattern is Vine Lace Baby Hat free from knitting daily.

1 comment:

maepress said...

woo woo! that is one fabulous baby set! (Ironically, I just made some booties and a bunny for my friend and they are also chocolate brown with splashes of pink)