Sunday, March 02, 2008

Koala cuddles

Koala 1
Originally uploaded by blue442

Blue just put up a few pics from our trip to Oz (just click on the image to access).


maepress said...

Those pictures are amazing! They really need some kind of story to go along with them though... Were you guys in some kind of reserve or do the animals just hang out with people like that?
Chris wants to know if a koala and a raccoon got in a fight, who would win? (typical)

ily said...

blue says, "it depends upon if it is snowing..."

but i think the koala would cuddle the fight right outta the coon ;-)

we were at the australia zoo (steve irwin's zoo). it was sweet. i'll try and do a story, but i'm getting married in a couple of weeks so yeah... priorities ;)