Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keepin' it warm

Last weekend I finished my cabled wristwarmers. For me this project served 2 purposes, 1) to keep my little hands warm while I compute and knit 2) to try my hand at a cabling pattern. The got a big thumbs up from me on both accounts. I have been wearing them on the daily.

Blue was also quite taken by them. He was impressed with my cables and jealous of the warmth they provided me. So I made him his own pair (dashing), designed for "him." I had to rework the pattern since the first go 'round with the original didn't work.

I also finished up some felted slippers (that are still drying) and a baby sweater this weekend. It has been rainy and cold all weekend. Yesterday we didn't even leave the house (that's how I was able to be so productive in my kniting).

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maepress said...

awesome photos! Those are some sweet wristwarmers.