Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more icelandic crazies

Last week we were watching the news and at the end of the broadcast the anchor said, "and now a new song an video from the icelandic band sigar ros." Then they proceded to play this video of naked people running around the forest. I turned to blue and said, "well that would never happen in the states." Then we giggled.

It was on again tonight on our version of Mtv (C4). I think I may like the song, but I can't tell because the nudies are so distracting. I looked them up and they have a free download of the song on their website where you can also watch the video (you're welcome).


beth said...

I have one of their albums!

ily said...

mom, you're so ahead of the curve and the nudie video is right up your alley (cuz you're a flowerchild :D)