Wednesday, June 11, 2008

stitch n' bitch

I attended a local stitch and bitch last night and the girls were all geared up for international knit in public day, which takes place this Saturday starting here in NZed (since we live in the future and all). It was a nice night out for me: wine, stitchin', bitchin'. Anywho someone designed this for the event and I am trying to find out who... I think it's perty.

Oh and the meeting place in town this Saturday is one of the (few) places in town that sells yummy local beer. But I'm thinking, Sat 11am + bar = one bloody mary for me.

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Amy said...

the talented Kathryn McCurrie, graphic designer, designed this for us. She's an acquaintence of mine and a crafty gal herself. She's local to Chch.
-Amy from SnB