Friday, September 12, 2008

It's true

I've been wanting to make myself a sweater lately, but nice yarn is so darn expensive and you can never be sure that you/the pattern are going to be a good fit. Also most of the best yarn comes from the states. I'm pretty sure a lot of the wool that makes that nice yarn comes from elsewhere, but they sure spin some nice yarn back home. Heck, maybe it isn't spun there either. And because it comes from the states, it is even more expensive to get it here... Bless and their delicious yarn, but $25 for all international orders is way steep!
I do like this new pattern that Wendy Bernard has worked up though... And Aurora 8 is so nice and soft and bouncy. I think I would like it in a nice light grey with blues for the details... Maybe the yarn fairy will come for a visit soon.
As for spinning I am working up some grey romney I picked up yesterday. I am hoping to get it spun and plied so that I can dye it tomorrow, which isn't going to happen now that I actually think about it... Maybe Monday or Wednesday...

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