Sunday, September 14, 2008

a new knitty.

I just discovered that latest issue of knitty and it actually has some really great patterns, which was a nice surprise.
I think these are my favorite:And I really like this blanket... but I am afraid it would send a wee one into a seizure. Don't ya think?I was able to finish my yarn today which was a relief. I sat out on the deck and plyed til my little hearts content in the beautiful, and much appreciated, sunshine. Plying always takes longer than I expect it to and yet I continue to expect it to go quickly. Sigh... when will I learn.
The yarn is currently stewing in the crockpot with some kool-aid. I am sad to say that I don't think it is going to be as pretty as I envisioned. I used a grey fleece to get deeper/more muted colors, but the dye just doesn't seem strong enough to penetrate and probably would've worked better on white wool. I am excited to try out some real acid dyes. Hopefully they will arrive this week.


maepress said...

Wow, those socks look scarily difficult! I could see that blanket working with some more subtle colors.

ily said...

Yeah I think if I were to attempt...those socks would take me at least a year.
I was also thinking that blanket might work if you did each panel a different color too... less hypnotic ;-)