Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ahhh... much better

I am feeling much better! The migraine is gone and a southerly came through bringing cooler temps. ahhh...
Just before xmas I got a bunch of cool stuff from some friends that I meant to share, but didn't get around to. So I will now.
I got this amazing little felt fantail at the local knitting group's xmas ornament swap. Miss lucy made it just for me (blush) and I love it! I also love that it isn't xmas colours so I can keep it around all year without feeling shame. She has details about it here. Thanks Lucy!
I also picked up some destashed fabric and socks from Miss Millie. Unfortunately Millie moved up to Wellington over the holidays and was trying to unload some of her stash. I called dibs on the browniest of them and she revealed that she thought of me after putting it's very browness in a pile. I have just acquired a lovely (and hopefully working) sewing machine and am dreaming up some toy patterns to make with the fabric.

On the very same night that I receive both of these prizes Michelle surprised me with some burt's bees lotions that her husband brought back from Canadia. I was telling her of burt's greatness and how I miss their products and voila! They are handbag/knitting bag size too.
What nice friends I have!

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