Saturday, January 17, 2009

black currants

I finally made my black currant muffins. They were pretty good, but not quite as good as a blueberry muffin (my fave). I think the brown sugar/butter crumble on top was really the best part.
Today I finally picked enough of them to make a batch of jam! And just in time because they seem to be on their way out. This time I decided to do it properly, sterilizing the jars/lids before hand and then sealing them in boiling water afterwards. Yeah I probably shoulda done that last time, but I didn't have proper jars so I made refrigerator jam. ;-) I used quite a bit less sugar (4.5 cups ish) than most recipes call for (6 cups to 1kg of berries - yikes). We had a tasting on crackers and cream cheese and I must say the jam is delish. Makes me want to pick another kg to make my stores last longer.
The veggie garden is also putting out crazy amounts of courgettes and beans at the moment. Oh and cucumbers - just enough for me to pick one as I'm headed to work and have it with my lunch. I miss the lettuce that bolted a while back, but tomatoes and peppers are on their way. Mmm fresh salsa!

I haven't been knitting or spinning much lately. It's been so hot...

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Anonymous said...

What?! No knitting or spinning.... are you feeling ok? :p