Thursday, January 08, 2009

miss misery

I'm alive, but just barely.
I haven't knit a stitch in weeks and am currently setting a personal record with a 3 day migraine (I blame the nor'wester). It was only 2 really good days of agony in the blistering heat (probably the only heat we'll get all summer!) and today is what I like to call a migraine hang-over. Still didn't feel well this morning, although not the agony that was, and pretty much stayed in bed all day. I was happy not to have the photophobia part too bad so at least I could read today and watch a little tennis on the tele.

Blue has been most wonderful taking care of me and picking up around the house as I have been completely useless in all respects. I've been longing to bake some black currant muffins (our bush is abounding with fruits). Do you think if I get the ingredients prepped and maybe measured I can convince blue to bake them? It would have to be later in the evening though when the heat isn't so fierce.

We got back almost a week ago from our trip to the north island. It was lovely up there and there are lots of photos to sort through. Maybe blue will do that after he bakes those muffins...

For lack of other photos on the computer at the moment, here is the smocked top I started before xmas:


Anonymous said...

Poor Emily! Hopefully you're coming right by today. Did you get your black currant muffins yet? Hope we see you next week. Michelle.

maepress said...

I think that B should just make them. He's a good cook, I'm sure he could handle the prep work. Or you could gather them and freeze them for later!
Hope you're feeling better soon! If it's any consolation, it's below freezing here with a painfully cold wind. And there's definitely no fruits anywhere to be found!

tracee. said...

oh my! good ol' christchurch and those terrible winds. that was one of the major reasons for me moving from chch to dunedin.
i hope you get to feeling better. those muffins sound yummy!

ily said...

Hi guys, Thanks for your comments and well wishes. I am feeling much better today and am contemplating a late night muffin making extravaganza...otherwise tomorrow. The berries are picked and ready to be used!