Tuesday, January 20, 2009

kickin' out the jam

Eh, not too much to say lately... Got some new drugs for migraines today. Hopefully I won't need them but it's good to know I have stuff to take if I need it. The GP said to be sure to keep hydrated and on those hot days I probably didn't do that very well so I'm going to be more conscience of it now and take my water bottle with me wherever I go!
Here's the yummy jam I made (with more than one of me reflecting in the jars). Below is the pan fried scone (a first) blue made complete with cream cheese and jam - a delicious Sunday morning treat.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

black currants

I finally made my black currant muffins. They were pretty good, but not quite as good as a blueberry muffin (my fave). I think the brown sugar/butter crumble on top was really the best part.
Today I finally picked enough of them to make a batch of jam! And just in time because they seem to be on their way out. This time I decided to do it properly, sterilizing the jars/lids before hand and then sealing them in boiling water afterwards. Yeah I probably shoulda done that last time, but I didn't have proper jars so I made refrigerator jam. ;-) I used quite a bit less sugar (4.5 cups ish) than most recipes call for (6 cups to 1kg of berries - yikes). We had a tasting on crackers and cream cheese and I must say the jam is delish. Makes me want to pick another kg to make my stores last longer.
The veggie garden is also putting out crazy amounts of courgettes and beans at the moment. Oh and cucumbers - just enough for me to pick one as I'm headed to work and have it with my lunch. I miss the lettuce that bolted a while back, but tomatoes and peppers are on their way. Mmm fresh salsa!

I haven't been knitting or spinning much lately. It's been so hot...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ahhh... much better

I am feeling much better! The migraine is gone and a southerly came through bringing cooler temps. ahhh...
Just before xmas I got a bunch of cool stuff from some friends that I meant to share, but didn't get around to. So I will now.
I got this amazing little felt fantail at the local knitting group's xmas ornament swap. Miss lucy made it just for me (blush) and I love it! I also love that it isn't xmas colours so I can keep it around all year without feeling shame. She has details about it here. Thanks Lucy!
I also picked up some destashed fabric and socks from Miss Millie. Unfortunately Millie moved up to Wellington over the holidays and was trying to unload some of her stash. I called dibs on the browniest of them and she revealed that she thought of me after putting it's very browness in a pile. I have just acquired a lovely (and hopefully working) sewing machine and am dreaming up some toy patterns to make with the fabric.

On the very same night that I receive both of these prizes Michelle surprised me with some burt's bees lotions that her husband brought back from Canadia. I was telling her of burt's greatness and how I miss their products and voila! They are handbag/knitting bag size too.
What nice friends I have!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

miss misery

I'm alive, but just barely.
I haven't knit a stitch in weeks and am currently setting a personal record with a 3 day migraine (I blame the nor'wester). It was only 2 really good days of agony in the blistering heat (probably the only heat we'll get all summer!) and today is what I like to call a migraine hang-over. Still didn't feel well this morning, although not the agony that was, and pretty much stayed in bed all day. I was happy not to have the photophobia part too bad so at least I could read today and watch a little tennis on the tele.

Blue has been most wonderful taking care of me and picking up around the house as I have been completely useless in all respects. I've been longing to bake some black currant muffins (our bush is abounding with fruits). Do you think if I get the ingredients prepped and maybe measured I can convince blue to bake them? It would have to be later in the evening though when the heat isn't so fierce.

We got back almost a week ago from our trip to the north island. It was lovely up there and there are lots of photos to sort through. Maybe blue will do that after he bakes those muffins...

For lack of other photos on the computer at the moment, here is the smocked top I started before xmas: