Tuesday, March 07, 2006

other important matters, trees

After celebrating at a rockin' 3 year old's birthday party, blu and I headed down to the coast. We didn't make it to the ocean or do anything other than work (and watch the oscars), but the weather was beautiful, as were the trees. We measured the burn severity on my plots that were recently burned and we installed some tiles with heat sensitive paint (see picture) on my plots that will (hopefully) be burned soon. The tiles we collected off of the plot that was recently burned did not work, I think it had a really fast residence time (aka it moved too quickly to register on the paint). I am not sure if this is typical, but I really want the paint to detect the fire on the remaining plots.
On the way there and back I worked on the minisweater, and blu's sock. I'm not too far from completing them, but I will have to find the time... I'll let you see them when they are complete. For now you will have to be satiated with pictures of the forests.

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Haley Shae said...

this is pretty random, but I'm working on a prescribed fire study and I'm trying to track down some of the heat sensitive paint you used! Where'd you get it? Thanks!