Friday, March 17, 2006

swift, baller, socks

I don't get to use my yarn baller and swift as much as I would like (mostly because I can't afford any yarn, especially hanked yarn). But I have had this hank of cherry tree hill yarn for a couple of months and decided it was time to make it into something. I had a few hang-ups, cutting the ties keeping the hank together. Apparently with this particular one, there is only 2 that you are supposed to cut and 2 you are supposed to untie. So I ended up with one large ball and 2 tiny ones - oops. Over the last few days I have been working on the jaywalkers by grumperina. It is a pretty cool pattern, simple, with nice results, and this yarn... ohhh, it is lovely. There are these little pools of color that collect (maybe you can see the river of blue running down the middle?) and they make it so fun to knit. It makes me not want to stop knitting, just so I can see where the pool is going next or if it might disappear. There are several different color pools going on with this sock and it is way more entertaining than you think it would be.
In other events, tomorrow I am off to Savannah. Sweatergirl is flying in and we are going to hang out and knit, and go to yarn stores. We were hoping for some beach activity, but it is looking like rain. Stitchkommander is also going to meet us in Charleston for a day/evening. We are going to go to knit, which is also where I purchased the yarn for the jaywalkers. Oh, I am sooo excited!

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