Monday, March 13, 2006

A warm spring weekend!

I had a nice weekend and it consisted of: sleeping in (2 days), one cookout, one visit to a tavern with outside seating, one visit from a neighbor cat, and one visit to the local botanical garden. The garden was beautiful. The cherry trees are in bloom, the painter and box turtles were out on their usual log, and there was some cute white flowers blooming in the woods that I feel I should know not only the common name, but the latin name of, and do not. Oh well, one semester worth of memorization vanished. Yesterday it got into the low 80s here, it was humid and hot and felt wonderful! (we will just see if I am saying that in a few months)
I finished odd fellow #2 and he is looking stylish. I am still working on the mini-sweater, but finding other small projects to distract me from it. I am also realizing that I will need another ball in order to complete it - huff. I'm thinking I need to put my new Sensational Knitted Socks book to use and start on a pair for myself with my beautiful cherry tree hill yarn.

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StitchKommander said...

what a sweet odd fellow. we saw a lot of anenome while hiking were those the white flowers you saw? we also saw some bloodroot, also white.