Friday, March 10, 2006

two socks, check

I finished these fine socks a few nights back at about 1am. I was tired, but also determined to finish them, I was just too close not to. I would have liked to have knit both socks at the same time, but since I used only one ball of yarn, I decided it was best to do them separately. This way the striping is the same on both and I didn't get into a tangled mess either. Yeah!

Last night I started odd fellow #2 in baby colors, for a friend's baby. I am making this one on smaller needles and not doubling the yarn so it is going to be very petite.

The minisweater is still in the works, but has made me realize that I just don't like purling, and only purling, for long rows. So it is going slowly and I have been starting other small projects on the side.

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