Tuesday, June 26, 2007

British Comedy, FUNNY?

This weekend Blue and I did a little touring around Christchurch. We happened by a park that had some sort of historical/cultural event going on. There was food, people in costumes, and pinwheels. We tried a kabob and did a little people watching. The pic to the left is some weird clock downtown. Doesn't it look like two completely different pieces? (not to mention that building in the background) Maybe it is, I didn't stop to see if there was public indication of it. Oh, and I took it while I was driving :D (much to blue's chagrin).

I have also discovered a hilarious british comedy tv show (yeah I know sounds like an oxymoron). It is called Man Stroke Woman and is a skit show (much funnier than SNL). I wasn't able to watch the clips on the official page. But youtube has some great clips. This is one of my fave's.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pasha Bulker

A few weeks ago a storm off the coast of australia successfully beached the pasha bulker on a popular swimming beach in Newcastle. It is quite a sight and the australian news we get is constantly talking about it, especially since there is a big storm coming and they are afraid it is going to break open and spew oil all over the place. They are hoping to wait until next month when the tide is higher to try and pull it out, but in the mean time sand is accumulating all around it and it is becoming more and more stuck. It looks pretty cool though!
There are some cool pics if you click here.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fibre art

I recognized this song from an ipod commercial, but didn't know the artist or that they were from NZ. Interstingly enough, they apparently are into the fiber art. (it is Steriogram - Walkie Talkie Man)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kiwi phrases, top 7 (cause that is all i can think of):

7: Good as gold (We have this saying in the states, but it isn't used at the same frequency as it is here)

6: Mate (yeah you've all heard this one, it mean friend, but is used constantly)

5: mmm (a low grumbly noise made in agreement)

4: Tartlet (a derogatory comment used between females)

3: Cheers (This word pretty much means anything, but mostly thanks and good bye)

2: Good onya (means "good for you" but is used much more casually and often than you would say good for you)

1: Ta (I just noticed this one yesterday, but then heard it nonstop. Maybe I was tuning it out before. Anyway it means "thanks" and I like it the best :) I asked where it originated from, but the kiwis I work with didn't know)

Finally, the coast

I've picked up extra shifts and will be working all weekend so blue and I decided to take a little morning adventure today. We headed towards the closest coast and captured some photos on the way (check out the fickr account). We ended up stopping at a few beaches including Shag Rock on Sumner Beach and Taylors Mistake, a local surfing beach. The sun was out today which made the sea breezes tolerable, I would even call it pleasant (with a jacket). I tested the water and it was a bit chilly, ok it was COLD! But there were some brave surfers out trying to catch a wave (I didn't see anyone actually catch one).

Blue also put up some pics from our jaunt to Lake Tekapo a few weeks ago. Click here to view. Check out my sweet rainbow pic :D

Thursday, June 07, 2007

if you ever wondered

how to make a 'beverage can stove' go here. Oh wikihow, how great you are. There's lots of great stuff on there, I can see myself wasting a lot of time learning how to do/make stuff that I will never make.

So despite the one girl that works once a week trying to boss me around on the day that she is there, my little barista job is working out pretty well. I have been picking up extra shifts, making delicious coffees, and I even got paid time and half on monday for the "queen's birthday" (which is supposedly actually in april...) In order to make up for the extra pay that employees get, we had to charge the customers an extra 10% on all purchases. It was weird, but luckily easy math (the registers aren't capable of it apparently). Oh and also, since I work the closing shift, I get to take home lots of food that doesn't get sold (like pies, bread and desserts). This also means, less grocery shopping for me. Hurray! I hate grocery shopping here, it is so stressful. On top of having to decide what to buy and what brand to choose, I have to decide if the item is worth the price (and everything just seems SO expensive!) So yeah! free food :D

Not much else has been going on here besides work. No knitting. However, blue gave me a gift certificate to a local knitting store. Maybe I'll pick out some inspirational yarn this weekend to get me going again.

Here is a picture of some trees to demonstrate how autumn like it is here. Very windy (and chilly) today.