Sunday, April 02, 2006

april already?

Once again april fools day escapes me without a prank. I always mean to plan ahead, but it never seems to work. Maybe next year.
Another, more recent, april 1 tradition is flash your stash which is what crazy yarn obsessed people do in order to make themselves feel better (or worse?) about their unhealthy obsession. My favorite yarn stash flash is this one. What a great photo, very American Beauty.
My most recent knitting project is the simply lovely lace socks in the newest interweave. I decided to use my debbie bliss cotton cashmere dk weight (purchased on sale of course). The dk weight is such a fast knit compared to the fingering weight I have been using for socks. The larger yarn added with the shorter sock pattern makes this pattern a quick knit. I am half way through with 2 socks. I would suggest that knitters apprehensive of sock knitting to try a dk weight pattern for their first attempt.
Now concerning my other love - burning the woods:
Last Thursday I got to participate in another burning of the woods. Instead of lecture and lab, we went out into the woods and watched it burn. Seeing fire instead of hearing about it in class was great.

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