Thursday, April 06, 2006

flea market

Yesterday morning I went to the flea market with stitchkommander and skatergirl. It was my first time and very entertaining. There was a suprising amount of guns, an expected amount of knives, and a lot of over the counter drugs. But best of all was the late sixties needlecraft magazine scores. I have only made it halfway through one of them, but the patterns look pretty sweet. There is this one hat pattern that looks like a helmet with a chin strap and I think it was in basketweave. I definitely plan on making that!
I also took my car in yesterday. Turns out that the horrible clunking noise coming from the front right wheel well was a rock stuck between some stuff. They took it out and I kept it. hee hee hee.
This is one of the magazine covers and my toes (see flickr for more images).

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sweater girl said...

this little piggy went to the farmer's market. hehehe