Monday, April 10, 2006

knit 1, felt 2

This is my latest ( not accomplishment, project). I am using slightly different colors and it is only a few inches of confusing-looking-intarsia. So far no big hang-ups, but I did have to start over once due to doubling back on half of it. I think next time I try to watch a movie with subtitles I will knit something more simple, or at least something I am more familiar with (or maybe I just won't stop in the middle of a row ever again). When it is complete I will try and find an ikea-esque chair to set it on for the photo shoot, then we can do a comparison.

Over the weekend a lot of cleaning, a little schooling, a little knitting, and some felting took place. The patons wool I have been using lately has a worse smell than cascade 220, but wet wool never really smells that good. And the price difference ($2-4) is worth dealing with the temporary bad smell. It felts up pretty well and I am happy with the results.

Last night stitchkommander delivered gin and tonics right to my door. We ended up knitting, drinking g&t's and watching Breakfast at Tiffany's (due to the fact that Grey's Anatomy does not come in at my house and inspired by the 60's knitting mags). It is just one more reason that she is not allowed to move to Louisville!

Blue is out of town for most of the week, as is stitchkommander. Instead of getting lonely, I am going to get some work done. Hopefully it will be productive week (unfortunately I am not referencing knitting...).


sweater girl said...

don't worry grey's was a rerun

Kat said...

Great bag - I just finished mine. I used Lambs Pride Bulky, it is awesome!