Wednesday, April 19, 2006

knitting a PhD

I was thinking about school and how it distracts me from my knitting. For the last two weeks I have hardly worked on anything. My wobbly tote is still sitting there, looking at me every time I walk by. My jaywalkers... almost done, but I just haven't had time to finish them and then there are the others, they are behind the backburner. But all of this distraction, keeping me away from my knitting, it got me thinking- would I consider getting a PhD if there was a program for knitting? Honestly, if I could afford it (the yarn, books, etc...), I think I might actually do it. I guess that would put this master's in forest ecology a little out of place. Maybe I could just knit myself a PhD, how do you think that would go over? I have recently discovered (thanks to stitchkommander) that there is an academic knitting blog ring. I am contemplating joining, but they want you to talk about the world of academia that you are involved in, I guess complaining is talking (writing whatever) isn't it. Alright, I don't always complain about it, especially when I get to go and play in the woods. However, my classes have been bringing me down, not only do they distract me from my master's project (you know the whole reason I am here), but they have been keeping me away from my knitting for far too long. I think I might take Friday afternoon off (after I take my test and hand in my paper) to knit, hang out with skatergirl and stitchkommander (?) and maybe have a cocktail (gin&tonic and bloody mary sound equally good).

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cfknits said...

Oddly enough, I AM a PhD student (not in knitting unfortunately!) but I just took a whole week off from my PhD just to have some R 'n' R and knitting time and I can thoroughly recommend it! - Oh and I drank quite a lot of gin too!