Saturday, February 18, 2006

about knitting podcasts

I recently joined the world of iPods and soon discovered that there were podcasts entirely devoted to knitting. I figured out what a podcast was and started downloading everything related to knitting. The first one I listened to was Knitcast, it was an interview with Debbie Bliss by Marie Irshad. I thought it was a pretty good interview and enjoyed their british accents. As I scrolled through and listened to the others, hoping to glean new techniques or pattern ideas, I was gravely disappointed. It seemed to me that random women (around the country mostly), with annoying voices, found some microphone equipment and started talking to themselves, about themselves and their families, sometimes adding information about their most recent knitting accomplishments. But the thing that disappointed me most was that I spent time listening to these women, trying to learn about knitting, and they (for the most part) were less accomplished than I in their knitting. Now I am all for talking about knitting and having open channels for doing so, but I will no longer waste my time listening to knitting podcasts, instead I will listen to good music and smile about it.

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Anonymous said...

Don't give up so easily. Check out our Video Podcast where we'll show you new techniqes and maybe even a field trip or two.