Wednesday, February 15, 2006

v.d. recap

Alright, I just have to show off, check out this sweet bouquet I got yesterday. They are the most beautiful flowers I have ever received by far. I loooove calla lilies.
I also got the gift of yummy food prepared for me. The menu included a Mediterranean plate complete with pita, feta, olives, and homemade hummus. The entree was a delicious Mediterranean shrimp dish served over jasmine rice. We also tasted two different wines, one was a bordeaux and the other a babera. I thought they were both delicious, too delicious if you catch my drift.

I gave blu a few gifts as well the best and most important was the burro finger puppet. I knit this when he wasn't around - which means I knit most of it yesterday afternoon while recouping from my exam. It still wasn't done when I gave it to him, but I quickly finished the body and arms after dinner. Thanks again to the stitchkommander for her embroidery expertise.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that sounds like a very dreamy VD. You must be a very lucky girl, with an equally lucky man (one who obviously knows about wine and cooking, and I'm just assuming is extrodinarily good looking...)