Monday, February 06, 2006

Bootie procreation

Several people that I know have been procreating lately. Thus, I have been knitting up my favorite baby bootie pattern from Knitted Gifts. I just wish that I knew what they looked like on tiny little munchkin feet. If I ever see the tiny people that are receiving these perhaps I will find out. For now I will just let them climb all over the sofa pillows.

This weekend I took a trip down to the South Carolina coast to do some work and I was lucky enough to get to spend some time in beautiful Charleston. I had a delicious seafood dinner and was able to stop into the new location of Knit where I purchase some cherry tree hill sock yarn, it is hand painted, machine washable, beautiful, and will knit up exactly 1 pair of socks for me!

Oh how I long to have a LYS... But it is probably good that I don't, my wallet would be even more empty (if that is possible) and my small apartment would be more overflowing with yarn (which I am sure is possible, I just wouldn't want to deal with it). I am thinking about emplacing a cap on my monthly knitting spending. Since I am not TAing this semester my paycheck is about half what it was last semester and money is really really tight. The number I have in mind would probably seem like a lot to the nonknitter/nonyarnobsessed person, but for a compulsive knitter it is more than reasonable and for me (and those really really obsessed with knitting), the budget seems tight. I'll keep track for this month and see how it goes.

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blu said...

So, what's this number you had in mind? What about putting volume constraints on it?