Monday, February 20, 2006

baby blu

I have been working on blu's socks, I am working on the foot of the first one right now. Then I have the other one to start/finish. I also finished his black and gray hat, last friday I think. I would like to thank all of my fellow knitters for their overwhelming response to my call for help. I will post a picture of it when he lets me take one and I may write up the pattern too...
On other knitting news, I started grumperina's Odessa hat (sans beads, of course). It is a simple pattern with very cool results. I suggest that anyone, even a beginner, give it a try. It calls for size 4 and size 6 circulars, of which I have neither, so I am knitting it all on a size 5 circular- hope it turns out ok.

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