Tuesday, February 07, 2006

speedy delivery to you

When I checked my mail at lunch yesterday there was a very smushed bag of yarn crammed into my mailbox. I was able to squeeze it out and happily check out the contents. Why has all my yarn been delivered in plastic envelopes lately? Do they know that I have a tiny mailbox? Anyway, I think it will be perfect for it's intended use and it was super cheap from knit picks. Why is their yarn so cheap? I am hoping beyond hopes that it is not child labor or animal cruelty... If all goes well I will have a product from this colorful yarn soon. Also, I am pretty sure I purchased this yarn last month, so I don't have to put it on this month's tally right? If not I think I have already spent my budget for the month. sighhhhh.

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Madisonienne said...

If you bought it in January, it goes on the January tally. It's like a gift from January itself.