Thursday, February 23, 2006

sun rays

After yesterdays lengthy rant (I got her to waive the extra $32 btw), I wish that I could post some astounding knitting accomplishments. However, I have only finished the first sock, started the next, and added an inch or two to odessa. Thus, I have decided to create a post that is both light hearted and short. So here is a nice pic of a future knitter. For some reason kids love those huge plastic needles.

And here is a picture of the beautiful mountains that are so close by and that I do not visit often enough.

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StitchKommander said...

are you hanging with other kids while we're gone? Are you cheating on Nina??? Who is that kid? (just kidding, I think I can recognize maddy by now, I hope-) And BTW Nina's being turned to the super girly side of life by Chris's cousin. Today she actually breathed, "OOOOooohh...accessories"