Tuesday, February 14, 2006

socks and swatches

ahhh, the statistics test is over. I should be entering data, I only have 4 plots left. But I decided to take a break from school/work things and post a picture of my foot and the sock I am working on. The yarn is nice, it is Regia, but I am not using an interesting pattern for lack of a masculine pattern (they are for blu). If I find one before I turn the heel, I will frog it and start again. And I would be doing two at the same time on two circulars, but the second size 1 turbo still hasn't arrived. It will be there when I get home, I can feel it (that's what I said yesterday).

I took a small break to knit last night, just after dinner, just before continuing on with the statistics studying, to knit up this cute swatch. It is angora yarn and the pattern is from the book Knitting on the Edge, a xmas present from stitchkommander. I plan to do nothing with this swatch, just thought it would be perty (sorry about the dark, fuzzy pic - I was trying for the details of the pattern).

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