Friday, February 10, 2006

the second amendement - keep and bear arms

I finished the tiny socks, and they were just what I was hoping for, the tiniest socks I've ever made. All baby sock patterns I have followed in the past are more for toddlers, nothing seems to be designed for newborns. So I amended a pattern that I liked and it worked out. However, the heal turn on one circular with a double point thrown in... not so much. They were so small that it was way easier to just knit them individually, but then I knit the foot and the toe at the same time for both socks. It wasn't a complete failure, but I wouldn't say that I have mastered the technique. So now I am back to the age old dilemma - what next? I think socks, in cotton/cash, on size 3's, 1 circular method, pattern to be decided. Lately I only have one project on the sticks at a time, if I only had more money, or more time, then I could be working on lots and lots of patterns at the same time.
This is a picture of my ball winder (that I got for xmas) and all of the little scraps I organized with it.

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