Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Adopt a squirrel?

Last weekend was spent camping in the mountains of North Carolina. A group of grad students and co. gathered at a (free) group camp site just on the other side of this creek. Thankfully I was warned before departing on this trip and grabbed a pair of rubber boots (which I looked fabulous in). Unfortunately I was one of the only people with complete protection from this cold water and ended up doing a lot of running back and forth to the vehicles. It was a nice relaxing trip, whiskey was drunk around the campfire, smores were consumed, and many a strip of bacon was fried over the fire.

Today has been a little traumatic, mostly for miss Mabel. She went to the vet this morning to get checked out. I have found a good home for her, but there are other cats so we had to make sure she wasn't going to give them feline leukemia or F.I.V. (aka kitty HIV). Apart from the stress and anger towards blue and I she is a healthy cat, around 3 years of age, oh and with an upper respiratory infection. And she has been spayed already. This leads me to believe that she probably had a home and makes me wonder even more where she came from. How far did she travel? Why? Did they love her at her other home? Do they miss her? Are they trying to find her? We posted signs up last week at the major stop signs in our area, but haven't heard back from anyone. Hopefully mabes will be able to get over her bad day and continue to be the loving, quirky, cuddly cat that found us.

I almost forgot. We were camping just outside of Brevard, NC where they have white squirrels around town. On our way out of town on Sunday we took a little side trip to try and get a peek. They are so cute! And apparently you can adopt one too???

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mac and Mabel

This is the new mac I have been talking about. It is lots of fun and the photobooth and video making programs have been a hit with almost everyone... everyone who isn't camera shy.

The midwest treated me well and blue and I attended a sizable catholic wedding in the twin cities. It was lots of fun and I enjoyed getting glammed up for a change.

Since getting back on Sunday a kitty has adopted us and our porch chair. She seemed pretty hungry (she ate a pretzel that I dropped) so I picked up some cat food. Turns out I should have gotten a little higher quality food because her gas is a little out of hand. If she continues to stick around (and I don't see her going anywhere any time soon) I will have to pick up a little healthier cuisine for her. I decided that this little mug of her's looks like a Mabel, so Mabel it is.

This morning Blue got a rude awakening to a cat fight outside. Turns out mean gray cat (she terrorizes all the neighborhood kitties) had completely poled her up one of the support beams of our apartment complex- to the roof... She was hanging by her claws 2 stories off the ground with mean gray cat below. She was pretty shook up, but has managed to survive the day in order to terrorize us with her gas.