Monday, September 29, 2008

sexy spring flora

Rhubarb leaf

Rhubarb flower
(who knew?)



Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why knitters wane in the summer months

Because your hands sweat and it just isn't pleasant to work with wool (or most fibers probably) while you have sweaty palms. I remembered this the other day when it reached 26 degrees! (78 for those of you Fahrenheitly inclined). Also, it's fun to play outside and garden and hike and all those other sunshiney more activite type things. Knitting is definately more suited to cool (or cold) evenings snuggled up on the couch.

However, because it really just doesn't get that hot ever in New Zealand (don't get me wrong, it gets warm, just not very often is it hot), I think I will be enjoying my summer evenings knitting this year... Or at least my knitting season will be extended beyond it's normal season (we'll have to see if this really holds true).

Earlier this week it was beautiful, sunshiney, and warm here in Christchurch (it's been raining again the past 2 days). So when I went out for knitting night on Tuesday I put on a springy skirt and top, but just didn't have a sweet little sweater to keep the evening chill away. Hence, in light of spring I have decided on a cardigan pattern and ordered some yarn. The pattern is this:

and the yarn is this:I have also recently found some online knitting stores that have reasonable international shipping prices. Hurray! I ordered this from Eat Sleep Knit and I'm dreaming up new projects so I can order something from Loop.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

a new knitty.

I just discovered that latest issue of knitty and it actually has some really great patterns, which was a nice surprise.
I think these are my favorite:And I really like this blanket... but I am afraid it would send a wee one into a seizure. Don't ya think?I was able to finish my yarn today which was a relief. I sat out on the deck and plyed til my little hearts content in the beautiful, and much appreciated, sunshine. Plying always takes longer than I expect it to and yet I continue to expect it to go quickly. Sigh... when will I learn.
The yarn is currently stewing in the crockpot with some kool-aid. I am sad to say that I don't think it is going to be as pretty as I envisioned. I used a grey fleece to get deeper/more muted colors, but the dye just doesn't seem strong enough to penetrate and probably would've worked better on white wool. I am excited to try out some real acid dyes. Hopefully they will arrive this week.

Friday, September 12, 2008

It's true

I've been wanting to make myself a sweater lately, but nice yarn is so darn expensive and you can never be sure that you/the pattern are going to be a good fit. Also most of the best yarn comes from the states. I'm pretty sure a lot of the wool that makes that nice yarn comes from elsewhere, but they sure spin some nice yarn back home. Heck, maybe it isn't spun there either. And because it comes from the states, it is even more expensive to get it here... Bless and their delicious yarn, but $25 for all international orders is way steep!
I do like this new pattern that Wendy Bernard has worked up though... And Aurora 8 is so nice and soft and bouncy. I think I would like it in a nice light grey with blues for the details... Maybe the yarn fairy will come for a visit soon.
As for spinning I am working up some grey romney I picked up yesterday. I am hoping to get it spun and plied so that I can dye it tomorrow, which isn't going to happen now that I actually think about it... Maybe Monday or Wednesday...