Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A picture diary

The last few months have been absolutely crazy. So I'm going to attempt a picture diary rendition of it.
Blue and I got engaged in early October.

(props to him on his ring picking out ability)

Shortly after, we got news that Blue was accepted into a PhD position in New Zealand, starting in February 2007.
(we will be in Christchurch, on the south island)

As if this wasn't enough excitement, not long after this big news, I tore my ACL in a rec soccer game. 3.5 weeks later (just before thanksgiving) I had surgery to repair it.

(they made me identify the correct leg to operate on before putting me under)

This successfully pushed back my defense date and graduation from school (MS program). However, I was able to come up with a rough draft of my thesis and defend it before Blue and I packed up all our earthly belongings (with lots of help from friends) and drove back to the north just in time for xmas.

(me teetering around trying to help)

Now we are back home in Wisco trying to getting all our belongings squirreled away and trying to visit with all the friends and family that are around for the holidays. After the new year I will again get cracking on my thesis in order to finish it before we leave for down under. I also have lots of physical therapy to work on in order to get up to full strength. My mobility has vastly improved over the last month, but it is still pretty painful and annoying!

Through all of this I have gotten some knitting done and gifted much of it for xmas including 3 scarfs, 10 washclothes, a mouse, a bag, and spherey. I have also been working on a few pairs of socks and other things that I can't think of right now. Hopefully the next post will include more knitting images and chit chat!