Thursday, April 15, 2010

my heart breaks

a little more each day as I realize I'm leaving New Zealand for good.

For each of my complaints of living here, there are probably 10 things that I love about it here. I will miss my friends, colleagues, knitting group, the weavers and spinners guild, the beautiful scenery, public healthcare, absolutely free maternity and baby healthcare, plunket, the organic/free range/grow your own mentality that most of the population possesses, the fact that you can bank, pay bills, do your dry cleaning and send mail at the postshop, hot pies, fish & chips, my friends' chickens' free range eggs, working half time, the little miss' daycare, tea breaks, trademe, no guns, no ratrace, my little red subaru, my clothesline, shortland street, the list goes on and on. Some of them are just little things, but I imagine those are the things I might miss the most.That said, I can't wait to see my own whānau and introduce them to my little sunshine! Also, can you say mexican food withdrawl! So many foodstuffs I plan to consume! (most of which are neither homegrown nor organic!)(friends checking out how the man in the moon is at a different angle down here!)

Friday, April 09, 2010

a long time coming

According to my ravelry project page, I started the Juno Regina pattern on August 9, 2008... I just finished it a few weeks ago. Yeah, more than a year and a half. That's commitment, or lack there of. Not surprisingly, it was my first (and maybe my last) lace weight project. Mind you a lot has happened in that year and a half and I have finished many other projects (not all of them knitting!).

I enjoy knitting lace patterns, I think I just prefer a slightly heavier yarn to work with (light fingering is fine enough for me). As you can see this scarf is fine, it fits through my wedding band!

Some specs:
I made this pattern a bit skinnier than the original so it is a scarf rather than a stole.
yarn - touch yarns kid mohair merino 2 ply
The middle section measured 42 inches post blocking
My gauge/tension changed several times throughout this knit, thankfully blocking fixed any issues there.

It's been a bit busy around here lately. We are preparing to move across the world, again, at the end of the month! So much to do... so little time! Anybody want to buy a fridge, bed, tv, washer, stereo, couch, dressers... the list goes on and on and on. Trademe is getting much business from us lately.