Sunday, June 29, 2008

Keepin' it warm

Last weekend I finished my cabled wristwarmers. For me this project served 2 purposes, 1) to keep my little hands warm while I compute and knit 2) to try my hand at a cabling pattern. The got a big thumbs up from me on both accounts. I have been wearing them on the daily.

Blue was also quite taken by them. He was impressed with my cables and jealous of the warmth they provided me. So I made him his own pair (dashing), designed for "him." I had to rework the pattern since the first go 'round with the original didn't work.

I also finished up some felted slippers (that are still drying) and a baby sweater this weekend. It has been rainy and cold all weekend. Yesterday we didn't even leave the house (that's how I was able to be so productive in my kniting).

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hurray for mixed tapes!


Thanks to stitchkommander for another fun toy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more icelandic crazies

Last week we were watching the news and at the end of the broadcast the anchor said, "and now a new song an video from the icelandic band sigar ros." Then they proceded to play this video of naked people running around the forest. I turned to blue and said, "well that would never happen in the states." Then we giggled.

It was on again tonight on our version of Mtv (C4). I think I may like the song, but I can't tell because the nudies are so distracting. I looked them up and they have a free download of the song on their website where you can also watch the video (you're welcome).

stitch n' bitch

I attended a local stitch and bitch last night and the girls were all geared up for international knit in public day, which takes place this Saturday starting here in NZed (since we live in the future and all). It was a nice night out for me: wine, stitchin', bitchin'. Anywho someone designed this for the event and I am trying to find out who... I think it's perty.

Oh and the meeting place in town this Saturday is one of the (few) places in town that sells yummy local beer. But I'm thinking, Sat 11am + bar = one bloody mary for me.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Snowflake, just before it melts

It snowed here last night! I find this exciting while others find it annoying. But it isn't like back home when the first snow fall is a reminder of all the cold snowy months to come. Here it is a fleeting novelty that will be gone probably within the hour. We didn't get much accumulation here, but apparently in more western parts of the city it actually accumulated. We did get those big beautiful wet drops of snow though, the ones that look like 100 snowflakes stuck together.

Having no good pictures of snowflakes, I went to flickr to find this cute snowflake hanging out on a cedar.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Game

My creation
Originally uploaded by mmm gin
Thanks to stitchkommander my morning was really productive... She posted the method (and her results) on her blog.