Wednesday, August 15, 2007

here's hoping for some warm weather

I haven't been home in the day light to take photos of the place, but this one was taken by blue before some items were added/arranged (note the upgraded couch).

And this is our new kitchen which seems to be working out quite well. We entertained over the weekend and all four of us mingled comfortably.

Not much else is new here, just workin' for the man (or the woman, 50/50 really). I don't have to work this Saturday and am happy to have my first 2 day weekend in a month! HURRAY! Wish I could say that we have something planned, but as of yet that is not the case. Perhaps we will work on the garden or at least on the garden plan. It has been cold here all week and I am hoping for a warm spell in our future, this weekend does not look promising in that respect.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Flat

We are moved in to the new place, but are still collecting goods, mostly purchased via internet auction. Unfortunately when we moved in the place had not been cleaned so we have been doing that and unpacking/accumulating things to make it more comfortable. Today we picked up the desk for our office and a larger area heater. The photo below is of our 'love seat' and coffee table aka our living room furniture as of now (total cost $31). This weekend we will pick up the couch and borrowed washer and kitchen table/chairs.
Once we are settled in I will post some more photos!