Sunday, May 24, 2009

okay, it can stop raining now

It seems like it has been raining for weeks on end now. And I guess it has, but to be fair we have had a few sunny days mixed in, a very few. I think it's starting to get to me, these antarctic blasts, they are so wet and also cold, and just keep coming one wave after an other. Supposedly tomorrow is the last day of it for the rest of the week. Let's hope it's the last for a few weeks.
I've been doing lots of knitting and spinning lately. I just finished up a 3 day class at the guild where I learned to make boucle and tweed and other designer yarn. It was cool and good to get me spinning again. Right now I have a few completed hanks soaking. Hopefully I'll have some pics soon, but with this weather it might take ages to dry.Here is a pic of the cute bonnet I just finished and the 5 hour baby sweater knit up with some organic cotton that maepress gifted me! The pooh bear and outfit were sent to us from blue's sister - so cute!!! The baby stuff is slowly starting to accumulate... soon enough it will be taking over our house!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Scoop fruits

We've been treated to some winter weather her in Christchurch. I forgot how wet and cold the winters tend to be! Luckily we are all moved into our new flat and LOVING the log burner and insulation. It's no secret that Christchurch has a smog problem - an urban area with lots of people heating their houses by fire combined with a location that locks in the smoke, makes for some pretty icky evenings and mornings (even wikipediea mentions it). But I can see why people like their fires - they are warm, much warmer than you can get with any of the various other options around (still haven't caught on to that whole idea of central heating yet... it may make it here one day).

Somewhat related to the smog issue, I found out this week that I have asthma. The previous 2 winters I ended up having a cough the whole season and figured it was related to cold and damp living conditions, apparently it's been asthma. So now I have an inhaler. Not sure how much it will help, but I'm hoping to cut down on the coughing. I feel bad for bubs, must be loud in there!One great thing about this time of year - feijoas! Yum! They are so tasty. A while back we had a bunch of passioinfruits too and one afternoon we sat around eating 'scoop fruits.' What fun.