Thursday, August 31, 2006

Life in a small college town

All the undergrads have returned from their summer breaks and flooded this little town with their Bush stickers and large trucks, yeah it is a different crowd of undergrads from where I did my B.S. Apart from taking all the parking spots, crowding the gym, using all the ropes at the climbing wall, walking in front of traffic, and making loud ruckuses into the morning hours in my neighborhood on weeknights (yeah I'm old and no fun)... apart from all that, at least there is life back in this little college town. Without the students things sort of shut down, or at least adapt super lame hours. I am happy to say that I will be able to get coffee on campus after 2 o'clock in the afternoon (this is really the most import thing) and the gym will be open more regular hours, with lots of yoga classes offered. So I guess the point is that although annoying, the undergraduates here can be useful, I just wish they would stop giggling through yoga.
(This picture was taken one afternoon in Memphis, while taking a little break from the conference. )

Friday, August 25, 2006

mmmm Cheesecake

I finally used my springform pan, a gift from sweatergirl, to make my very first cheesecake. It turned out deliciously! And there is another one in the works for the weekend. This week I am having my final summer visitor, my little sister (only because school has started here which marks the end of summer :( Post summer visitors are always welcome!

We have been hanging out, last night we went to spintoono
and drank some PBR. This weekend my neighbor is hosting a party in my sister's honor, where keg stands of PBR will be had. Today we are going to head to the hills and maybe go for a dip in one of the local swimming holes.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

people's court

Right now I am "in the field" on the coastal plain (middle of nowhere). This week I have been spending my days in the woods and my evenings channel surfing. The most exciting events so far have occurred in the woods (not so surprising considering when I am not in the woods I am locked in my hotel room). Yesterday I saw a cool new snake, an eastern hognose. Turns out that if we had taunted a little bit it would have done this cool cobra thing with its neck and they apparently rarely bite (and aren't venomous) so it would have been worth it. Another armadillo appeared on a plot the other day too, but she quickly ran away.

Last night I got some knitting in and managed to get hooked on Project Runway (there was a marathon on). Tonight it is looking up plants on the internet and Grey's Anatomy (yes).

The only interesting thing that has happened outside the woods is that the TV in my room has spontaneously turned on 2 mornings in a row at 4:30, which is down right annoying when you have to be up by 5:30, if it was later there would be a possibility of falling back asleep. So I fumbled through some menus and I think I managed to shut it off. Apparently someone was using the tv as an alarm clock, or playing a cruel joke on me. Hopefully I will be able to sleep in until 5:30 tomorrow.

(this is what I woke up to)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh, Fizzle Sticks!

Last night, while watching the Constant Gardner (again), I sewed up the seams for my Sizzle. Unfortunately it turned out as I suspected - TOO BIG!!! My last shirt (the green gable) gave me loads of trouble because size 34 was way too small, this size 34 is way too big- and both gauges are spot on. Other than the size, it looks great. I think I will finish this shirt up, it is almost done after all, and if I can't figure out some way to shrink it, I will have to give it away.

I spent most of the weekend recovering from the conference/memphis experience and ended up sleeping waaaay more than I ever thought I could. I also got in a game of tennis over the weekend (it had been too long).

Memphis was great, the conference went really well, as did my poster presentation. However, there was not a single Elvis sighting. And we never made it to Graceland, but every evening was spent on or near Beale St. We found a bar with a good draft beer selection - The Flying Saucer Drought Emporium. But if you get a hankering for a delicious gin and tonic, go elsewhere (Seagrams was all they had). The last conference I attended was also in Memphis so we revisited some sites, like the Juke Joint Blues House- featuring some Memphis style blues. Late nights and early mornings were the norm, but at least ecologists have a high standard for morning coffee, making the early mornings easier.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

black shroud

I just went to you knit what, only to discover that they won't be continuing their blog anymore. Oh sadness, I will miss the hideous pictures and witty comments.

On a lighter note, I am off to memphis for a week, can't wait to see Elvis!!!
(check out this great pic I found of Elvis, nice knit sweater!)

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The poster is finished!

After long grueling hours of statistics, creating numerous text boxes, reinserting graphics, over and over, and one false send to the printer (there was an extra G in the title...), the poster is finished. While creating my debut poster, I actually had time for knitting, and climbing (my latest addiction). They both are very effective means of relaxation during times of stress. I would have been attending yoga classes too, but the instructor was out of town for a conference (so they say).

Next week it is my turn to go out of town for a conference. Everyone in my lab is going to Memphis for this years ESA meeting. It should be a fun 9 hour drive in a minivan... And my advisor cheaped out so instead of staying conveniently downtown near the conference center, we are staying in west memphis (aka Arkansas). You would think that he would be staying there too, but no, he and his family will be staying downtown, near the conference center. The conference itself should be fantastic and I am looking forward to it and presenting my poster. My next dilemma is figuring out what knitting project to bring (I should have sizzle near completion when we depart) - I am thinking a new pair of socks...

Here is a snapshot of my poster (blogger wasn't too happy about importing a jpeg of the whole thing)