Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

This is the first time in my life that Halloween has passed by virtually unnoticed. Apart from a few websites having neat jack-o-lantern designs and my fave NZ tv show having a halloween party, there was nothing. No delcious candy in orange and black wrappers, no isles filled with halloween junk, no fake spiderwebs strung in corners, and no trick or treaters. The closest halloweenie thing that happened today was the sky at dusk. It was pretty neat. Did I mention that Halloween is my favorite holiday?

flashback from last year (creativity with white sheets)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

wee garden

We have been hammered by spring rains for the last few weeks and our wee garden plants have handled it better than I expected them to. In this particular bed we put in a few different kinds of lettuce, hot peppers and some spinach. The tomatoes, basil and more peppers are sprouting in containers in the house. In a few more weeks they will be ready to go in and hopefully the weather will be warm enough to make them flourish. Our herbs and lavender (mmm my fave) are also doing well in pots. This is our first real garden (outside of pots on the back porch). Now all we need is to figure out where to put up the hammock so we can sit, swing, and gaze at the fruits of our labors.

Not sure what this flower is but it popped up along our sidewalk :D

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nerd Report

After hearing a discussion on the radio about egg production and how much better free range eggs are we decided to buy some slightly more expensive free range eggs. After frying a few up the verdict is in, they are delicious. Not only are they larger than the 'normal' ones (although I don't think that there is much about the production of those eggs), they are tastier too mmm mmm.

However, according to wikipedia, the laws concerning free range eggs in the U.S. are all willynilly and labeling eggs free range doesn't really mean they have to be free range. Lame.

One more egg note: when you get a fried egg at a restaurant here it is always sunny side up. If you are someone who despises runny yolks make sure you remember to say something when ordering eggs while visiting me (unless you are having breakfast at my place - don't worry, i'll cook your yolk).