Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Carlo Rossi

I couldn't resist this cute 1 litre jug wine for $10 at the local grocer. Of course for that price I wasn't expecting much from it, but knew that it was worth the cost in amusement value. Turns out it isn't half bad and works well as a table wine. Also, it is really fun to put your finger in that little handle and just swig it back (again, yeah, I'm classy like that). We are thinking of having a jug wine party. If only we had friends to invite that were of the same caliber...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

spring (summer?) fleurs

I made a bouquet out of flowers in my yard and stuck them in a vase (aka a beer bottle, i'm classy like that). It's fun to live in a place where the previous inhabitant planted lots of neat flowers. It's like a treat when new flowers pop up every week or so. I especially like the little pink roses so round and cute! Those flat seed pods are neat too.

Monday, December 03, 2007

what is that draft on my right cheek?

This morning Blue was the first and (thankfully)only person to noticed a large split down the back right side of my pants. It was a pretty grim realization that came only after arriving at school, yet before actually starting work. Making the 25 minute commute back home was not an option because I already had to take a long lunch in order to take Blue into town at lunch time and attempt to complete all the field work scheduled for the day :( So I did the good ol' shirt wrap and carried on with my morning. Luckily I was in working in the field alone so I didn't have to worry about much more than a draft on my backside.
I made a stop home at lunch to swap pants and realized just how threadbare my poor little pants were. I'm pretty bummed, I have had these pants for a long time (obviously) and they were my favorite field/hiking pants. A quick search online and I have already found the same brand/style for a replacement. The promise of new pants makes me less sad to give up the ghost on these old gals.