Monday, June 07, 2010

chirp chirp (or whatever noise crickets make)

Yikes, that's my longest blog break ever! One might think we took a ship to get back to the states! Alas, no, we flew and it took about 24 hours. That was quite enough with miss noseypants baby who wouldn't sleep with all the people around on the plane! By the end of the trip we had all had quite enough of the notsleepingbaby and not enough of the sleep.

The lack of sleep really put her back on track to get over jetlag though (always good to put a positive spin on these things!). I don't recall getting too many dirty looks from other passengers for having that screaming baby but I probably looked so miserable that people just felt sorry for me. And they were probably amazed at how cute my smiling, curious baby was (after all that screaming!).
Since getting back we have been bouncing around between the 2 grandma's houses. The little miss really enjoys both places, especially with their various animals that she likes to chase, pet, and climb on.
This week we are headed to Madison to move into my brother's apartment that is vacant for a month and half because he bought a house a few blocks away! So excited to have him and my future sister-in-law as neighbors!

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