Sunday, July 04, 2010


What a nice Sunday morning. That baby is asleep. The husband on his bike. And me, I'm knitting on the couch and listening to neko case. The dishes need to be done, floor needs to be swept, and on and on go the never-ending list of chores. But this morning I'm taking advantage of the quiet house for some me time. Love it.

It also happens to be the fourth of July. Not a bad way to spend the morning of the 4th either. I was out on the porch this morning and an older lady walked by decked out in navy/white star shoes, red shorts, white shirt, and a denim visor with an american flag on it. Too cute.

This video isn't great quality but there are some great summer/nostalgia lyrics in it. I also saw Neko on this tour just before leaving for Nzed.

Happy 4th!

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maepress said...

glad to see you knitting! I'm nostalgically thinking about yarn today...